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I went ahead and made a nice shiny new button for my site! Look at it in all it's glory!


5-11 Updated Layout

4-22 Added "My Art" page

4-19 Updated Layout

4-12 First site layout

To Do

- get working buttons

- update "dragons" page

- update "Extra" page

- Add fun features to site

- Add a chatbox for suggestions

- fix mobile

Walking red dragon


Hello! This is my dragon themed neocites as well as a place that I'll talk about things I like. The site isn't fully functional at the moment but I plan to change it soon. Please look forward to when I finaly post content!

Layout Update!

I've been learning a ton about HTML and CSS recently and have taken to having alot of fun changing the layout of the site as well as changing the colors to match better. Now that I hae the site in a better state I am plaing to finally start fleshing out the site with content.

I'm pretty sure moblie is broken at the moment so I will try to fix asap.

"My Art" page added!

I finally got around to adding actual content to the site! I would be Happy if you could check out some of the art I posted. It's a little bare bones but I try to make it easier to navigate in the future but, meanwhile, I'm just happy to have something up. I do want to start adding to the dragon tab soon and already have something in mind for it.